Hanno Strufe and Christian Anger.

Anne Black and Nadine Grau.

Happy meteorite dealers.

Many meteorite friends.

Patrick Herrmann from Canada with family.

Peter Marmet and Mirko Graul.

Peter Marmet, Bernd Ruschinzik, Gerhard Schmidt, Thomas Grau, Steffen Jacobsen, Thomas Kurtz, 3 wifes from dealers and Roger.

Robert Ward and girlfriend, Mirko Graul, Mike Farmer, Greg Hupe and Devin Schrader.

Thomas Grau, me and Patrick Herrmann.

Me and Mike late in the night.

Jürgen Nauber und Manfred Dannapfel.

The new fresh Eucrite fall from Spain was found by Thomas Grau.

Zugriffe heute: 1 - gesamt: 1778.